Weight Loss For Women


weight loss for women



Minimizing That Loose Skin
Weight loss if managed well does miracles for a person’s health. It increases your lifespan and protects you from a host of ailments like diabetes, stroke and cardiac arrest. However, it can come up with a strange trouble for certain women; sagging skin. This happens mostly when losing weight fast. Stopping it complete may not be in your control. But, doing the following will minimize the effect.

Minimizing loose skin in weight loss for women
Refraining from drastic measures to lose weight is the first thing you should do if you want to avoid sagging skin. When you undergo an operation like gastric bypass surgery, your body fails to get the time to adjust its skin elasticity. Quite naturally, your skin starts sagging when you get rid of the excess of fat. Doing the following too will help you a lot in this direction.

1. Go for gradual weight loss
It is quite natural that you feel tempted to go the easy way; to shed those unwanted pounds as fast as possible. But, know that it will deprive your skin to adjust to the change your body undergoes. The best option is to restrict your weight loss up to two pounds per week. Doing this will help your skin to adjust its elasticity as per the changes it experiences.

2. Care for your muscle tissues
Understand that skin starts sagging when there is nothing to fill the vacuum instant weight loss creates under it. The easiest way out is building lean muscle mass. It will fill up the void the loss of fat creates when you shed pounds. Try strength training. Studies show that within a year, you will build up to 20 pounds of muscles. The more of it you have, the tighter your skin will appear when you try to get lean a bit.

3. Protect yourself from the sun
Exercising outdoor is definitely fun. But, if you don’t protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays from the sun, your skin is going to lose its elasticity. This happens because heat destroys collagen, the substance responsible for its outward appearance. When enjoying a walk, make it in the early morning or at dusk when the sun is low. You can also make use of sunscreens and protective clothing to safeguard your skin.

4. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables
Make your diet as attractive as possible; let your plate appear like a rainbow. Have as many colorful fruits and vegetables as possible. Experts often advise to include vitamin A in your diet. And, do not ever ignore citrus fruits. They contain an anti-oxidant capable of protecting your skin from damages from Ultraviolet rays.

5. Exfoliate it
Brush your skin before having a bath. The advice may appear strange. But, exfoliation improves blood circulation. As a result, all the cells of your skin will get the nutrients they need. If done on a daily basis, you won’t have to worry about sagging skin if the loss of pounds is gradual.
Managing the sagging skin
Sometimes, it so happens that the extra skin hangs on for some more time after you lose weight despite your best efforts. It will affect not only your appearance, but also may lead to infection, back pain and related troubles. The annoyance may even affect your social life. However, you don’t have to feel desperate. Just understand the reasons and take the measures given below.

i). There exists no shortcut
Building muscle mass will definitely help you get a tighter skin after shedding those pounds. But, understand that it is not an easy job. You have to work based on a consistent pattern. The duration may depend on the weight you want to lose. If it is just 20 pounds, one year of hard work may yield the result. You can also go for a surgery. But, medical insurance companies refuse to cover it. For them, most of the procedures here are cosmetic except the one for the stomach.

ii). Quit smoking
There are millions of reasons for a health-conscious person to bid farewell to smoking. You can add one more to it; cigarette smoke destroys your skin. Experiments show that the skin of a smoker is generally nine years older than a person’s natural age. The interesting thing is that six months without cigarettes will reduce thirteen years from your real age. The observation attests one thing; if you want to stay healthy, say good-bye to cigarettes.

iii). Stay hydrated
Water is definitely the elixir of life. In fact, up to 75% of your body is made up of water. Drink lots of it all through the day. If possible, carry a bottle wherever you go. Avoid drinks that are high in sugar and replace them with plain water. It will not only revitalize your organs, but will also maintain skin elasticity.

iv). Use a moisturizer
Buy an herbal moisturizer and apply it twice a day. See to it that the cream is gentle on your skin. Do it for a few days and your skin will get tighter gradually.

v). Learn to appreciate your body’s capabilities
Everyone is not as healthy as you are at the moment. If your body helps you take up the challenges you consider difficult in life, appreciate it. Doing this will help you adapt to your body after your weight loss journey. You should also stop comparing yourself with others; even with your friend.

vi). Silence your inner critic
Finally, silence that inner voice that discourages you. When you feel disturbed about your appearance, talk on phone to a dear one. The warmth and concern you experience will eliminate the words of discouragement. You should also get clothes designed for your type of body. As it is said, the faster you adapt to your new body, the better you will feel.
Maintaining skin elasticity may not be that easy when trying to shed that layer of fat. But, the guidelines given here will definitely help. You can also approach Google with the keyword “weight loss for women.”


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